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Whether you have been diagnosed or misdiagnosed, searching to get your life back to “normal”, or you feel your body is not working the way that is used to – the Oasis Medical Institute can help you figure out the best steps to reclaiming your life back from tick-borne diseases and have your body feeling great again. Located in Tijuana, Mexico, the Oasis Medical Institute is a premier integrative medical facility providing advanced, research-based alternative and conventional medical treatments to patients needing to improve their health and overcome tick-borne diseases, particularly Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Babesia, and associated tick-borne co-infections.

Integrative Medical Center

Oasis Medical Institute is an integrative medical center specialized in the natural and alternative treatment of Lyme Disease, autoimmune conditions and other chronic illnesses. Our clinic harmonizes progressive and conventional care with the latest in research-based holistic treatment options.

As a patient at our facility, our focus will be on you as a human being with a life-threatening disease, which will be managed holistically by a highly qualified and adaptive team. We not only treat your illness but your body as a whole. At Oasis Medical Institute, we have established a unique, complex, and decisive infrastructure to foster unprecedented healing potential.

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To win life-long progress against your condition, we formulate an individualized, multifaceted approach that utilizes the latest advancements in genetic testing. This crucial component of our treatment roots out all other treatment targets missed by previous care while keeping side effects to a minimal level and reducing any toxic damage.

Our integrative therapy program results not only in a higher response rate but also in a significantly improved prognosis and a noticeable increase in quality of life. We do this work with great love and compassion for our patients, which we feel is an intrinsic element of the healing process. Here at Oasis, we empower patients on their journey to healing, while harboring the future of personalized medicine.

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    If you or a loved one are interested in becoming a patient at Oasis Medical Institute, or if you simply have questions regarding our treatment options, we urge you to reach out. Simply write us an email and one of our patient coordinators will promptly get back to you.

Discover Hope in Mexico

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We believe the level of treatment and attention needed to achieve remission with tick borne illness can only be effectively done through a personalized integrative medical approach, with treatment protocols customized to each patient based on comprehensive diagnostics and lab work done under the supervision of the Oasis Medical Institute.

Our team of medical professionals is focused on helping patients reach their healthcare goals safely and effectively. We believe that taking an integrative approach is the most effective modality to achieve optimal wellness, and jump start you on your journey to healing.

By choosing from a wide range of treatment options, each patient’s treatment plan is as unique as the patient. Through professional, competent, and compassionate care, the entire staff and community at the Oasis Medical Institute is committed to helping our patients reach their health goals.

Sign up for a free treatment consultation to receive more information about the Oasis Medical Institute and learn if you or your loved one qualify for our integrative approach to treating tick borne illness.

Feel free to email any questions you may have to and our team of patient care representatives will be available to respond within 24-48 business hours.

Integrative Medical Center

No one comes close to providing the treatment experience and clinical expertise that Oasis Hope does and we want to put it to work for you. We invite you to come to experience Oasis of Hope and receive alternative cancer treatment from some of the most celebrated physicians in the world.

Our team of professional and caring nurses, support staff, nutritionists, and counselors are here to wrap total care around you. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how much you will come to love Oasis of Hope. It's the treatment team and patients that make it such a unique Healing Center.

Come meet Dr. Francisco Contreras, enjoy wonderful healing meals prepared by our chef, partake in classes for you and your companion, and take daily walks on the beach.

Oasis of Hope is what a treatment center should be. We look forward to providing you with the treatment-experience like none other in the world.

Oasis of Hope Hospital – “It's time to dream again”

Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Founder of Oasis of Hope Hospital
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It is easy to travel to Oasis of Hope because we are located in Tijuana, Mexico which is just twenty-five minutes south of the San Diego airport in California.  Please make arrangements to travel to San Diego.

An Oasis of Hope shuttle driver will greet you at the airport baggage claim, load your luggage, and drive you to the hospital. If you are taking the train, we can pick you up right at the San Diego train station, and if you are driving your own car, we can arrange a place to meet you in San Diego.

Roundtrip shuttle service to the airport or train station will be provided by Oasis of Hope for and one companion at no charge.

After you have confirmed your admission date, please provide our admission’s office with your flight details or train schedule 48 hours before your arrival date so we can make sure our shuttle is scheduled for you. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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How Can Oasis Medical Institute Help You?

Oasis Medical Institute is a cutting edge, data-driven cancer, and Lyme Disease treatment center located in Tijuana, Mexico. Focusing on complex chronic disease, Oasis Medical Institute offers comprehensive therapies from across the globe for cancer, Lyme Disease, neurology, autoimmune disease, and anti-aging medicine. The core of our treatment is to change the internal environment of the body from one that promotes cancer growth to one that promotes healing and supports healthy cells.

Lyme Disease Treatment

From the comprehensive diagnostics to holistic therapies, the Oasis Medical Institute utilizes the most advanced clinic services and the latest technology, enabling our staff of Lyme Literate medical professionals to effectively bridge treatments from both the conventional and alternative aspects of medicine.

Cutting-Edge Treatments

Through our global network of physicians, pharmacies, and other medical establishments, the Oasis Medical Institute is able to provide our patients with the most advanced medicines and researched-based treatment protocols available for the treatment of Lyme Disease and other tick borne illnesses.

Personalized Care

By taking a personalized approach, our medical staff customize every detail of each patient’s treatment protocol with attention to the utmost quality of care. The Oasis Medical Institute offers advanced, research-based alternative medical modalities to patients diagnosed with serious and complex medical conditions


“Oasis of Hope focus on the patient first, where traditional western medicine treatments focus on the disease first and then the patient.

Oasis of Hope is a world leader in alternative cancer treatments with close to 50 years of experience, 20 years more experience than Cancer Treatment Center of America.”

Oasis Medical Team

Oasis of Hope in Tijuana, Mexico was founded by Dr. Contreras’ father, Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr. in 1963, and since then the hospital has provided alternative treatments for the healing of more than 100,000 patients from 60 nations facing Lyme Disease, cancer, and other chronic illness.


Director, President and Chairman

Dr. Francisco Contreras serves as director, president and chairman of the Oasis of Hope Hospital. A distinguished oncologist and surgeon, Contreras is renowned for combining conventional and alternative medical treatments with emotional and spiritual support to provide patients with the most positive treatment experience possible.


Dr. Jorge Ruiz has been an integral member and leader of the Oasis Medical Institute staff. Dr. Ruiz’ tenure at Oasis of Hope has given him knowledgeable insight into multiple areas of a patient’s care, from patient admittance, to home care treatment, patient follow-up, and now as the Director of the Lyme Disease Department.


Certified Nutritionist

Our nutritionist, Rosa Contreras will counsel you through individual sessions and provide you with a healthy, lifelong nutrition plan. In addition, Rosa will provide you with specific guidelines on how to begin your new heathy lifestyle.

Follow Up Director

Dr. Carlos Gutierrez has been part of the Oasis of Hope medical staff since 1979. Having worked alongside our founder, the late, Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr., he learned firsthand how to provide holistic care to inpatients and home care patients. Currently, Dr. Gutierrez is the head of the Oasis of Hope Telemedicine team.

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Healthy Long Life

In this worldwide quest to increase the healthy life expectancy, renowned health experts uncover health and longevity secrets, and top chefs serve up delicious traditional healthy foods.

Director & Producer: Daniel E. Kennedy
Cast: Dr. Francisco Contreras, Dr. Michael Greger, T. Colin Campbell, PhD, Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., Dr. Dean Ornish, Chef Éric Briffard and Chef Candice Kumai.

Original airdate: June 2020

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