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Located in Augsburg, Germany, the Oasis Medical Institute is focused on helping patients identify any tick-borne illness or co-infections one may be exposed too, and then developing personalized integrative treatment protocols to address those infections head on.

As the first medical institution in Germany and Europe to offer comprehensive diagnostics and holistic therapy for Lyme Disease and associated tick-borne illnesses, the Oasis Medical Institute's mission is to be the global leader in the testing and treatment of tick-borne illness, providing comprehensive diagnostic and treatments solutions to patients under one roof.

For each patient that comes to the Oasis Medical Institute, our facility provides the most accurate diagnostics and lab testing on the market, enabling our medical staff to provide integrative treatment plans personalized to trigger a patient's self-healing mechanisms, and overcome the pathogens of Lyme Disease, co-infections, and other tick-borne illnesses.

What Makes The Oasis Medical Institute Unique?

At the Oasis Medical Institute, our facility and staff are more than just a clinic, we are a family of survivors, providers, and advocates on a mission of healing and empowerment for patients and their families who have impacted by Lyme Disease, co-infections, and the realities of living with tick borne illness.

As Lyme Disease and tick borne illness is a complicated multi-systemic disease, we know that receiving treatment can be scary to say the least, which is why the BCA Family committed to supporting and empowering you through every step of this journey to healing.

Through active collaboration with ILADS, the German Lyme Disease Society and other associations, regional self-help groups and patient organizations, Oasis Medical Institute educates patients, providers, and medical organizations on Lyme disease.

At the Oasis Medical Institute, our philosophy is simple: We believe in a clinic and natural approach to wellness based on the belief that good health is about much more than the absence of illness. We combined alternative treatments and advanced research-based medicine to empower our patients with the necessary tools to achieve maximum wellness.

In our state of the art facility, we offer a wide variety of treatment options aimed at getting you in the best health possible. Whether you are fighting Lyme Disease, Babesia, or Morgellons, the Oasis Medical Institute is the world leader in the treatment of Tick Borne Illnesses.

As your consider your path to healing with the Oasis Medical Institute, we invite you to explore the following links and learn more about our community.

Better Science For Healing

By incorporating alternating and conventional medical services, natural healing modalities, high quality nutritional products, and industry leading laboratory testing and diagnostics, we inspire patients to regain their health and overcome tick-borne illness on their journey to healing.

Our desire to bring the highest standards in clinical healthcare means that our patients will experience the best available treatment options for the treatment of tick-borne Illness, particularly Lyme Disease. From the newest science-based methods in laboratory testing to the highest quality nutritional supplements back by lab work, the Oasis Medical Institute's proven alternative treatments and products are helping individuals find better health on their journey to healing from tick-borne illness.

At the Oasis Medical Institute, we make every effort to maximize your potential for optimal health and best outcome possible from treatment. Our knowledgeable and caring staff is dedicated to our patients and help them become better informed about the many treatment options that can improve their health and well-being.

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Paving The Way For Treatment

We see ourselves as the first medical institution in Germany and Europe to offer comprehensive diagnostics and holistic therapy for Lyme disease and associated infectious diseases, according to the guidelines of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) and the recommendations of the German Borreliosis Society.

We want to treat chronically ill patients suffering from Lyme disease or other tick-borne diseases and help them regain a better quality of life. This includes multimodal therapy concepts and holistic treatment methods that also support the patient's 'self-healing mechanisms' against the pathogens of Lyme disease and co-infections.

Our "Outpatient Lyme disease compact treatment" is an intensive program consisting of at least three weeks in our day clinic. It offers an introduction to the therapy and a referral to a patient's General Practitioner or specialist. The treatment also includes 'health coaching', which focuses on 'self-help' and lifestyle changes that the patient can make themselves, such as advice on nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and disease management.

By uniting a team of experienced doctors, therapists and specialists, Oasis Medical Institute has developed alternative treatment methods for patients with antibiotic intolerances. We use standardized laboratory tests and the assessment of patients' symptoms to continually develop the methods with which we diagnose Lyme disease and co-infections.

With collaborative training workshops for doctors and specialized laboratory services, we are continually developing new, applicable standards in the fields of anamnesis, diagnostics and therapy.

Lyme disease is both an increasing and insufficiently recognized worldwide problem, which is why we're happy to make our knowledge and experience available to other therapy centers around the globe and work together for the benefit of all Lyme patients.

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Whether you have been diagnosed or misdiagnosed, searching to get your life back to "normal", or you feel your body is not working the way that is used to - the Oasis Medical Institute can help you figure out the best steps to reclaiming your health from tickborne diseases and feeling great again.

- Dr. Carsten Nicolaus, Medical Director, Oasis Medical Institute

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