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A Whole Body Approach To Healing

At the Oasis Medical Institute, we believe that healing requires more than just suppressing physical symptoms. To address the root causes of disease and chronic illness, our treatment protocols address the physical, mental, and emotional roots of illness.

Located in Augsburg, Germany, the Oasis Medical Institute is focused on helping patients identify any tickborne illness or coinfections one may be exposed too, and then developing personalized integrative treatment protocols to address those infections head on.

As part of the Oasis Medical Institute community, you'll experience:

  • Access to the latest and safest conventional and alternative therapies for tickborne illness, as well as a protocol of time-tested natural remedies and herbs.
  • Dedicated care administered by our diversely experienced medical team, versed in conventional, integrative, and natural medicine.
  • An integrated aftercare program to guide you through healthy living post-treatment.
  • A lifelong support system within our network of doctors, staff, and fellow patients, including regular research updates, helpful resources, and general communications.

As you consider a treatment with the Oasis Medical Institute, we invite you to explore the following links and learn more about our community.

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The Day Clinic For Treatment Of Borreliosis and Co-infections

The Oasis Medical Institute is a specialized, holistically oriented day hospital that provides therapy and treatments for tick-borne diseases (infections), multiple infections, and multi-system diseases. The Oasis Medical Institute is unique in that it brings together different service providers in one building, which means that it can offer medical consultations, diagnoses, laboratory testing, special therapies, and rehabilitation all under one roof. 

  • Medical Consultations

    From the comprehensive diagnostics to holistic therapies, the Oasis Medical Institute utilizes the most advanced clinic services and the latest technology, enabling our staff of Lyme Literate medical professionals to effectively bridge treatments from both the conventional and alternative aspects of medicine.

  • Holistic Treatments

    With 20+ years of experience treating Lyme Disease patients, our team of medical professionals is focused on helping patients restore their body back to functioning the way it was meant to be, and address any tick-borne infections

  • Laboratory Testing

    Our protocols are designed to uncover the cause of your symptoms, and make an accurate diagnosis using property lab testing to precisely define with 90% accuracy the type of infections a patient may be suffering from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Oasis Medical Institute. If you have any additional questions or need clarification, feel free to email and our team of patient care representatives will be available to respond within 24-48 business hours.

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